Role models can and do come in multiple shapes and forms, one of which is the ever-humble and always-gracious Lana Rogers (professional open Iron Woman).  Encountering Lana Rogers at Fairhaven (Victoria) Oceans6 Series cemented two very clear and important reasons why she is a role model we most certainly want and love our girls looking up to.


 1. Teaches invaluable lessons through her actions and reactions

Currently competing in the Ocean6 Series, Lana is putting her body and mind through a gruelling six-part surf life-saving competition.  The Fairhaven (Victoria) leg was by no means an exception.  Conditions were rugged and wild and the Victorian water was most certainly a lot colder than the competitors are used to!

This particular race required competitors to swim, paddle board and surf ski through an “M” shaped course, and not to forget transition through each with a run!  Lana took to the start line seemingly calm (although surely a touch nervous).  Off to a flying start, Lana waded out through the white water to begin her swim.  Setting a cracking pace, Lana glided through the water and exited for her first transition in the top three.

Grabbing her mal (paddle board) with absolute gusto, Lana maintained the mighty pace.  The waves were powerful and showed their strength by throwing competitors around with ease.  In a very short instant, the ferocity of the waves toppled Lana, sending her board tumbling back toward shore.  Recovering her board as quickly as possible, Lana sprung back on, but her place in the race had been drastically altered.  She was now toward the back of the pack.

As a spectator, you saw no change in the way in which Lana tackled the race.  Her pace and energy remained ever-present and ever-strong.  Imagine what was going through her mind at this time.

With absolute style and dignity, Lana pushed herself through the rest of the race, working her way back up into the pack.  Although the race did not end with a podium finish for Lana, she finished teaching our girls one of life’s most valuable lessons……

Girls, you may get knocked down.  Your body and your mind may be tried, but to get back up and see it through is a powerful act that is completely within your control.


2. Understands the power of influence

To influence is a very powerful ability.  To influence in a positive, kind-hearted and humble manner is even more powerful.

Off the back of this demanding race, Lana would have been physically and emotionally exhausted.  We watched on as Lana showed true sportwomanship, shaking fellow competitors hands and congratulating them on a race well run.

Our girls (and us mums), excited to see Lana race and wanting to congratulate her on a race well run, gave a shout out from the sidelines in an attempt to capture Lana’s attention.  Turning her head toward the girls in recognition, Lana beamed a glorious smile and walked directly over.  Still dripping with water and puffing with breathlessness, Lana greeted our girls and engaged with them.  Seeming to be in no rush to move on, she took photos, asked the girls about their nippers season so far and gave the girls her full attention and time.

At a time when Lana may very well have wanted to take some time out for herself, she instead chose to connect with the girls.  She understood and embraced the power of her influence.  She chose to leave a lasting memory on our girls, one that will spur them on in their future endeavours.

We love who our girls have chosen as a role model; the ever-humble and always-gracious Lana Rogers.


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