Harriet Brown, from nipper to world champion!  Harriet’s years of hard training and preparation have recently resulted in her claiming the “World Iron Woman Championships”, “Nutri-Grain Iron Woman Championships” AND “Molokai 2 Oahu Paddleboard World Championships”.

Studying hard has also seen Harriet obtain a degree in exercise physiology and qualify as a Pilates instructor.

With absolute determination Harriet is able to combine her intensive training schedule (swimming, surf skiing, boarding, gym sessions, running, Pilates and iron sessions) with her job analysing, improving and maintaining the health and fitness of her clients as an exercise physiologist.  WOW!!!

To read more about Harriet, check out her informative and enlightening website www.harrietbrown.com.au or follow her on Facebook (@harrietbrownathlete), Instagram (@harrietbrown) and/or Twitter (@harrietbrown).


What female inspires you and how/why do they inspire you?

I am inspired by the female athletes I am surrounded by. The girls I train with are also the girls I race against. I know first hand how hard our training can be and how tough our sport is, that is when I see the other girls push themselves and train hard, I can’t help but be inspired. My mum and sister also inspire me.  Both of them work full time yet still manage to make time to train hard and look after their bodies.


Can you recall a time when you were young, that you felt powerful or strong?

When I first started nippers at Ocean Grove I loved the swim but found the board challenging to learn to navigate in the surf. During my first few board races I remember getting smashed by the big surf and feeling like I was a helpless cork in a washing machine. Those races frustrated me but also motivated me to improve my skills. I remember gradually learning how to get through small surf, stay on my board, catch waves and then gradually progress to bigger surf. I remember feeling almost invincible when I was finally able to make it out through big surf and catch a wave back in. It was awesome!


To be a world champion in your sport is a remarkable achievement. The best in the world. Wow! What advice would you offer young female athletes who aspire to be world champions in their chosen sport?

Becoming a world champion didn’t just happen overnight. It has taken me years of training and hard work to get to where I am now. Being the best is not just about having talent. My advice to young girls aspiring to be the best is to set small goals first and gradually work hard to achieve those. Listen and learn from those around you and always aim to improve. I believe it helps if you enjoy what you do. I love my sport and realise how lucky I am to have my office as the beach and my friends as training partners.


What does the word “fearless” mean to you?

To me “fearless’’ means not being afraid of failure. Being fearless means having the courage to have a dream and then do whatever it takes to chase that dream. Fearless is not worrying about what other people might think or how many times you make mistakes, fall down or fail. Fearless is about getting back up and being true to you.


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