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Bill Murphy Junior of Inc. (www.inc.com/author/bill-murphy-jr?utm_medium=share&utm_source=prettypowerful) pens a powerful article that will be sure to inspire both mothers and daughters alike. He outlines 7 tips "for living" from the inspirational "Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg", an absolute trail-blazing woman of the world.
Dr. Justin Coulson answers the tough question a fellow parent has had to ask - "Last week a friend of mine had an awful ‘sexting’ incident occur with her 11 year-old daughter. Her daughter was having an innocent conversation with a boy from school via text when he asked her to send “noodz” to him. I have two daughters and a son who are between 9 and 14. Is sexting normal now? How can I stop them having to deal with this?"
An exclusive excerpt from Lisa Damour's Ph.D. bestelling New York Times book "Untangled". This excerpt explores the moods and feelings of the adolescent girl and how best to handle them.
Does your child have a frenemie? Your child's relationships can become increasingly complicated as they mature. Dr Justin discusses the best way to help them through it.
If you're struggling to find a way to support your anxious child, this might provide just the comfort they need.
Melbourne photographer, Rachel Devine, is tackling the often tricky issues of self-acceptance, friendship and body image through a revealing new project focused on tweens.

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