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One of the easiest and most impactful things we can teach our teenagers to positively reprogram their self-talk is the proper use of affirmations. We can also provide them with tried and true affirmations for teens that have helped millions of their peers.
Self-esteem is another one of those words that get batted around a lot when it comes to girls. It is actually a word I am not fond of because for me it is only part of the equation. I much prefer the term self-efficacy because it goes one step further.
Writing a Diary has many benefits for young people including helping them gain confidence, deal with issues and improve their writing overall.
21-year-old author and nonprofit founder Emily-Anne Rigal says she knows what it is to bully, be bullied, and to overcome both by looking within.
These easy mindfulness exercises are simple enough for anyone to try, and yet they are an extraordinarily powerful method for developing self awareness.
There are things we can do to try to keep our kids feeling positive about being active and playing whatever sports they love no matter what societal or peer messages they come up against.
Fixed mindset vs. growth mindset. Dr Justin Coulson of www.happyfamilies.com.au explores these two mindsets and how the growth mindset can positively alter your child's life.
14 Essential Truths About Raising A Tween Girl is written by Galit Breen, the bestselling author of Kindness Wins. This articles suggests 14 top tips on raising a Pretty Powerful tween girl starting with number............ 1. Her personality has arrived!
Bill Murphy Junior of Inc. (www.inc.com/author/bill-murphy-jr?utm_medium=share&utm_source=prettypowerful) pens a powerful article that will be sure to inspire both mothers and daughters alike. He outlines 7 tips "for living" from the inspirational "Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg", an absolute trail-blazing woman of the world.
Six strategies that dads can use that will make a lasting difference.

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