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Good nutrition is critical during teenage years to support healthy growth and development. A healthy diet needs to meet the changing nutritional needs of a growing teen and importantly, helps prepare them for a lifetime of healthy eating behaviours.
Dr Elvira G Aletta steps through some helpful tips of explaining mensuration to your girl.
Gut Health has recently come into vogue in the wellness world, with every nutritionist, naturopath and holistic practitioner endorsing the benefits of fermented foods, probiotics and other dietary strategies used to improve gut function and the associated benefits for mental, physical and emotional health.
Our Pretty Powerful Pro, Ky Furneaux, steps us through why it is so important to hydrate your body with the all important water.
The experts at "Yoga Journal" (www.yogajournal.com) step through why it is imperative to teach yoga to teenagers in a different manner and why.
There are things we can do to try to keep our kids feeling positive about being active and playing whatever sports they love no matter what societal or peer messages they come up against.

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Ky Furneaux is an adventurer, stuntwoman and survival expert! Pretty Powerful had the chance to ask Ky some questions and her thoughtful and insightful answers will leave you feeling like you can take on the world.