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Ky Furneaux is an adventurer, stuntwoman and survival expert!  At the age of 19 Ky was involved in a car accident that found her bed ridden and being told by experts that she would be unable to play sports or continue to do all those outdoor activities she loved so very much.  With pure hard work, determination and rehabilitation Ky reclaimed her abilities and set about pursuing a career as an outdoor team leader with an adventure company. From here, Ky flowed into a different line of work, stunt doubling.  Training hard in martial arts and various other stunt-related activities Ky began to feature in numerous Hollywood blockbusters as a stunt double (X-Men 3, The Avengers, Thor, just to name a few). Her amazing capabilities were recognised in 2012 when she was awarded the Taurus Stunt Award (bestowed only to the world’s best stunt professionals). Ky’s awesome abilities do not stop here!!!  Ky then went onto developing her survival skills.  Involved in various survival programs Ky showed the world just how she deals with the elements and the unexpected.  She then shared this knowledge in her book “Girls Own Survival Guide”, a great and empowering read! To read more about Ky, check out her extraordinary website www.kyfurneaux.com where you can purchase her book “Girls Own Survival Guide” or follow her on Facebook (@kyfurneauxinaction), Instagram (@kyfurneaux) and/or Twitter (@kyfurneaux).

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