If you were to be in charge of your girl's social media account for one post, what picture would you put up of her? Modern day media is vast.  Facebook and Instagram are just a small portion of this gigantic realm.  You still have copious other formats including Snapchat, Twitter, Tumblr and then the more traditional forms of magazines, newspapers...
Role models can and do come in multiple shapes and forms, one of which is the ever-humble and always-gracious Lana Rogers (professional open Iron Woman).  Encountering Lana Rogers at Fairhaven (Victoria) Oceans6 Series cemented two very clear and important reasons why she is a role model we most certainly want and love our girls looking up to.
With the world today being flooded with images, celebrities and advertising, more and more young people are suffering from the serious illnesses of eating disorders, anxiety and depression, with a contributing factor being linked to poor body image.
There are many ways to cultivate a positive exercise relationship with the children in your life. Let’s explore a few of them.
I have always suffered from anxiety for as long as I can remember.  My memories of childhood are happy but also tainted with anxious thoughts and reactions to these thoughts.  I grew up in a time when anxiety was not fully recognised let alone openly discussed. My transition for primary school to high school exacerbated my anxiety.  I found myself...
Even teens who look like butter would not melt in their mouth while out in public, can get scarily angry at home. Here are some ideas about how to cope.
One of the shocks for parents of the 9 plus age group is how frequently their kids get irritable, sad, stressed and "moody".
These ’15 Amazing Things About Me’ are for you!! So if you are feeling decidedly ‘UN – amazing’ right now, you might like to read through and keep one or two as a focus for today?
Super powerful Lana Rogers, professional surf sport champion, speaks to Pretty Powerful Girls about recovery, stamina and commitment.
Teachers and parents have the ability to instil positive thoughts around food in their students and children. Here are some ways to foster a positive relationship between food and students.